Q: How often should you power wash your property?

A: This is up to you, but our expert recommendation would be to power wash the core surfaces of your property (home or business) a minimum of once a year. Power washing includes driveways, decks, siding etc. – This also depends on the climate conditions of your location. The harsher the conditions, the more power washing services we would recommend throughout the year to keep your home sparkling clean and prevent any long-term damage.

Q: How long does it take to power wash a property?

A: The time it takes to power wash a building, home, or business depends on the property’s size, but we promise always to get the job done right on any site. Our Crew will work fast and efficiently to give you the best level of service for the most value.

Q: Do you power wash vinyl siding?

A: Yes, we do! Our skilled specialists are able to safely and efficiently wash softer surface areas, like vinyl siding.

Q: Can you damage a concrete surface by power washing?

A: Yes, most surface areas can get damaged when power washed or cleaned improperly. But, when you hire trained professionals like our Dude Crew, you can have peace of mind knowing that we’ll ensure the job is done right every time.

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