Now that the seasons are changing, it’s the ideal time to clean the house thoroughly. Many of us must fix the windows before the Summer weather arrives. But certain muddled assumptions regarding window washing must be dispelled. So, let’s dispel some popular myths about cleaning windows:

5 Myths About Window Cleaning

1) The rain cleans the windows.

The rain makes everything soggy. But that won’t help them become clean. It only takes one glimpse at your automobile after rainfall for you to realize that. The same holds for glass panes. Force, or a strong scrape, is required to clean windows. This is due to the incredible stickiness of dirt. It contains oils, pollen, and other elements that are difficult to remove. Roll up your sleeves, grab some microfibre cloths, or call in the experts.

2) Never clean windows on a bright, sunny day.

If you’re cleaning a big window by hand, the hot sun can dry the cleaning solution before you have time to wipe it away, leaving streaks. But, there are several measures a professional window cleaner may take to avoid this issue. Then, they thoroughly wash all of the glass panes. Second, they get the job done quickly because of the specialized tools they use. This will prevent the sun from damaging the fabric and leaving ugly blemishes.

3) Every household cleaner does the same thing.

Streaks do matter when it comes to this. A top-quality window cleaning fluid washes clear off, leaving the glass squeaky clean. Fake products, or those designed for another use (like dishwashing solutions), leave a layer that attracts dirt. Your windows will appear streaky and get dirty again much more rapidly. A reputable professional will always use the right product for the job.

4) No one cares if your windows are filthy

It may take a lot of dirt on the windows before anyone notices. Nonetheless, a room may be significantly brightened by cleaning the windows. Letting dust and pollen block natural light from entering your house or store reduces the mood. You won’t believe how much better things look after a thorough cleaning.

5) Window cleaners are costly.

Hiring a professional window cleaning services Sea to Sky is one of the most cost-effective ways to keep your home or business looking its best. Each is designed to meet your requirements while simultaneously revitalizing your body and mind.

Take Away!

Nothing compares to a clear view from a spotlessly clean glass! Making your house and business happy once again is the Dude Crew‘s top priority at all times. They simplify the process of washing windows from inside and outside. When it comes to window cleaning, Sea to Sky can depend on them for outstanding results. Only the Dude Crew’s experienced specialists should be trusted.

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